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increase in organic revenue
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The Challenge

Key Problems

Content gap and misalignment on key category pages
Unoptimised and missing/duplicate metadata elements
Missing relevant web page schema markups
Lack of search engine visibility
The Modern Furniture Store Case Study

The Modern Furniture Store is a trusted Aussie brand, delivering high quality home furniture and office setting furniture products. Inspired by the simple form and function of Scandinavian furniture design, they embody the Scandinavian ethos of social inclusion, humility and simplicity through their wide range of offerings. Based in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, and with stores across New South Wales and Victoria, they proudly design and manufacture their range from solid timber.

Wishing to implement an SEO strategy, The Modern Furniture Store reached out to Online Marketing Gurus in August 2019 for help. With the goal of wanting to increase organic traffic, the Gurus devised an integrated SEO marketing strategy to do just that. Our onboarding process was able to identify areas of opportunity and improvement and as such, the partnership began.

Our Approach

In order to make The Modern Furniture Store’s dream a reality, Online Marketing Gurus developed an integrated SEO strategy to supercharge their organic results. The priorities of the strategy focused on the company’s content, domain authority and technical optimisation.


Content creation to address the gap


Implementing appropriate schema


Optimising Google My Business listing to address SERP visibility

Strategy & Execution

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