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The Challenge

Key Problems

Want to solidify their standing in rankings out in front of competition
Increase website authority via optimizing linking domains
Yield an optimal ROI for digital investment
Betontools Case Study

Betontools is a Sydney-based supplier of concrete and construction tools and equipment. As a pioneer in the industry, their dedication to sourcing quality products at affordable prices are exactly what has made them a popular choice for customers in the building and construction industry. Their ability to look beyond the checkout in providing premium after-service touch points meant that they have garnered invaluable brand and customer loyalty.

Put simply, they provide their customers with what they’re looking for, what they need and when they expect it.

While Betontools were growing and succeeding in a competitive marketplace, to stay at the forefront of an industry ripe with opportunity, investing in SEO was essential. They partnered with OMG on a campaign aimed to refine and enhance search engine rankings. After 2 years, the results are still going strong with better conversions and sales year on year.

Our Approach

Online Marketing Gurus implemented a comprehensive, uniquely-customised solution to increase Betontool’s online visibility. With a wealth of experience in fostering businesses like Betontools and with online lead generation at our core, we were able to deliver great results.

Our cross-channel, wide-reaching strategy guaranteed our client’s satisfaction.


Comprehensive competitor and market analysis to assess the strength of SEO competitors and look for keyword opportunities


Create tailored content strategy and implement accordingly to build the authority of the website


Unravel link building strategies to benchmark outreach opportunities


Dig deep into the technical optimisation of the website to inevitably generate conversions and sales

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