Waiting for the Sky to Change

waiting for the sky to change


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Marsella Evans

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“Waiting for the Sky to Change” has been praised for capturing the signature rock sounds of both Starset and Breaking Benjamin. The song was first written by Dustin Bates of Starset and Jason Rauch of Breaking Benjamin for Bates’ prior band, Downplay, in 2011. The song was re-recorded in 2022, capturing the current identities of both bands.

Fans loyal to both groups are happy with the latest project and its inspiring message. Refreshingly, the content is clean and redemptive.

Positive Content

The song is a hopeful declaration of coming change. Though the sky in the song looks dangerous and dark, the speaker is determined to move toward better days, saying, “I breathe in the atmosphere/Let it wash over my fear/Of these heights as I transcend.”

The metaphors are general enough to apply to just about any difficult situation, and the lyrics show a determination to overcome challenging circumstances.

Content Concerns

The images of stormy weather and a gloomy sky could be considered a bit pessimistic. A few points in the song seem to present the speaker as having been fearful and pursuing false hope in the past.

Track Summary

Breaking Benjamin and Starset skillfully blended their styles in “Waiting for the Sky to Change,” and the song offers clean emotional catharsis. The song reminds listeners to be patient through suffering and anxiety because it will pass in the end, and they deserve to “become whole again.”

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